Nourish Organic: Beauty Balm

A little multitasker that’s perfectly portable, this balm comes in a convenient stick form, which glides easily onto your skin for on-the-go hydration. Slip it into your carry-on luggage or into a handbag for easy access as a highlighter. Replenishing Beauty Balm melts instantly, adding a subtle sheen on your cheeks and lips as it moisturizes — ideal during harsh winters or in arid climates when your skin needs a rejuvenating boost.

How to Clean White Shoes Naturally — Leather, Mesh, Canvas & More

Using natural cleansers instead of chemical whiteners and detergents can be just as effective for whitening shoes. Discover how to clean your white leather, canvas, and mesh shoes with this step-by-step guide. Whether you’re spot-treating for stain removal or it’s an overall cleaning that’s required, we’ll help you get those dirty white shoes dazzling. And, don’t worry, this is one DIY project that’s not too complicated.

How to Get Wax Off Walls in a Few Easy Steps

Ever set up a candlelight bath only to turn on the lights after and see wax all over your bathroom walls? Candlelight adds atmosphere to a room, setting the mood for celebration, romance, or self-care. But cleaning up messy wax isn’t quite so festive, so we’re offering our best advice for how to remove candle wax naturally — and prevent wax stains, too. Now you can live your best candle life without the stress.

Best Oral Health & Dental Care Products

Oral health and hygiene may not be the most toothsome topic, but it’s an important one to get a "handle" on. The good news? Knowing how to use the best oral care products for cleaning your teeth and gums — and even your tongue — will help you protect them against tartar buildup, tooth decay, and foul breath. Look for natural, planet-friendly products free of harmful ingredients. To help, we’ve gathered a list of Grove favorites.

Best Natural Dish Soaps (Easy On Hands Too)

The best dish soap effectively cleans stuck-on foods. Unfortunately, some high-performance ingredients also wash a bunch of chemicals down the drain. That’s where dish soaps made with plant-derived ingredients take center stage. There’s no need to clean your plate — and palate — with parabens, phthalates, phosphates, and perfumes. Instead, consider eco-friendly alternatives, effective on your dishes and also easy on your hands.
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